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Aloha! From the Big Island of Hawaii. Dragon Mama Futon Shop is the name to look for when you are in the market for Japanese style and the best quality fiber futons and pillows. We craft our futon from New Zealand wool and premium American organic cotton.  

Pillows are filled with organic Indonesian kapok, washable New Zealand knopped wool and buckwheat hulls from the American Midwest. Knopped wool is a reverse-processed wool that is washer and dryer safe. New Zealand wool is very clean with a high loft. For many years I used American wool, but it sheds dust and the naturally occurring lanolin becomes rancid in the high humidity climate of Hawaii.  

Dragon Mama Futon Shop is known for Zen meditation pillows such as zafu and zabuton. I produced these pillow for all the Zen centers in Northern California, including Green Gulch Zen Center before I moved to Hawaii twenty-five years ago.

In 1994, when His Holiness, the 14th Dalai Lama visited the Big Island's Wood Valley Temple, I had the honor to create a set of futons and pillows especially for His Holiness.  (Pictured here to the right.)

The Japanese textiles and organic cotton we stock have attracted many local customers and travelers. We pride ourselves in being able to fulfill custom orders such as duvet cover sets, rattan couch cushions, wall hangings and Japanese style noren curtains. We are able to duplicate covers for older cushions. Please do not hesitate to call us with your questions.

Arigato gozaimasu, 
Utae Suzuki, proprietor   

808-934-9081 (Work)
808-640-1432 (Cell/text)


Custom Japanese-Style 
Bedding and Futons

Quality Custom Bedding

At Dragon Mama Futon Shop, we specialize in creating natural fiber bedding, pillows, and futons in a Japanese style. 

Lightweight futons are available, and all of our futons are made with top-quality New Zealand wool.
Custom Futons

Rare Japanese Fabrics

For authentic, high-quality Japanese fabrics, including organic fabric options and quilting supplies, look no further than our shop, located in Hilo, HI.

From custom cushion covers to pillows, you won't find a more beautiful selection of fabrics anywhere!
Authentic Fabric Options

Unbeatable Craftsmanship

With nearly 30 years in business, the professionals at Dragon Mama Futon Shop can offer you flawless custom bedding, tatami beds, and clothing.

Reach out to us today to request a FREE estimate on the Japanese-style products you're looking for.
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