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Natural Fiber Futons and Fine Bedding
Tatamis, Japanese Fabric and Kimonos

Dragon Mama specializes in the hand-crafting of comforters, futon pads, and pillows from the finest natural fibers, including wool, cotton, kapok, and buckwheat hull. Natural fibers allow air to circulate unlike most synthetic fibers which reflect body heat and moisture.

Best known for comfort and resiliance, springy wool also cushions body weight and is proven to draw more moisture than cotton or down without losing its fullness. Wool is naturally fire retardant.

storeBuckwheat hull is a unique three-sided seeds that provides firm and soothing support while allowing air to circulate. Many local chiropractors and massage therapists recommend our pillows to their clients.

Dragon Mama uses the finest imported and domestic 100% cotton fabrics, and organic cotton whenever possible. Dedicated to quality, we pride ourselves on the durability and comfort of our products.

Dragon Mama is the name to look for in meditation pillows. As the major supplier for many of the Zen centers and Vipassana groups in Hawaii, our zafus and zabutons are hand-crafted from natural fiber and will have you sitting in comfortable style.

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